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Q: What’s the difference between working with D & L Property Investors, LLC and a real estate agent?

A: The main difference between working with us versus using a realtor is the amount of time you want your property to “sit” on the market. Do you want to risk wasting time waiting around for a buyer to get a bank loan approved just for it to potentially fall through? D & L Property Investors, LLC is a professional house-buying company that wants to give you cash for your house within days. We do not ask for you to make costly repairs as a realtor would. Nor do we require you to pay any closing costs or commission fees. So if you’re ready to get your property off your hands, contact D & L Property Investors, LLC and allow us to make you a fair, all-cash offer!

Q: Are you listing my house on the MLS or are you purchasing it yourselves?

A: D & L Property Investors, LLC will not list your property on MLS simply because we are interesting in purchasing your house ourselves.

Q: How will you determine the offer price for my house?

A: D & L Property Investors, LLC has an in-house finance department that will determine a fair offer based off of the current market conditions, the condition of your property, and the comparable properties in your area. 

Q: What will I have to pay?

A: Absolutely nothing! D & L Property Investors, LLC covers all closing fees and does not charge a commission.

Q: What if there are liens, taxes, or judgments on my house?

A: If there are any liens, taxes, or judgments on your house that you cannot take care of beforehand, let us know during the initial consultation. D & L Property Investors, LLC will work hard to figure out the best solution for your unique situation. Oftentimes, these fees can be paid out of your proceeds upon closing.

Q: What if I already have an agent?

A: We suggest that you do submit your homes information to us before you list it with a real estate agent.  But if it is already listed, we will definitely need to either talk with your agent, or you would have to make arrangements with your agent to cancel your listing agreement before we can make you an all cash offer. 

Q: Is there any obligation once I fill out the form?

A: No, filling out the form or giving us a call is completely risk-free. No hassle and no obligation to accept the offer once it is delivered to you.